Explain If head and body tag are compulsory on HTML program

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about if the head tag and body tag are important in HTML programs or compulsory to create a web page. Let's see..!

head and body tag are compulsory on HTML program

The head and body tags are two essential elements of an HTML document. They are used to define the web page structure and content and play an important crucial role in how the web page is rendered by web browsers.

The <head> element is used to provide metadata about the document, such as the title of the page, the character encoding, fav icons, schema data, and links to external stylesheets and scripts. This information is not visible to the user but is used by the browser and search engines to understand the content of the page. The <head> element should be placed at the top of the HTML document, immediately after the opening <html> tag. If the information is most important for search engine because the search engine analysis the website and find the category and stores in a particular place to be visible to visitors.

The <body> element is used to define the main content of the page. It contains all of the elements that are visible to the visitors, such as headings, paragraphs, lists, images, and so on. The <body> element should be placed immediately after the closing </head> tag and before the closing </html> tag.

In conclusion, both the <head> and <body> tags are compulsory in an HTML document. They define the structure of the document and are necessary for the browser to properly render the content. Without these tags, the browser will not be able to interpret the content of the web page, resulting in a blank page or an error message. Additionally, it's important to remember that both tags should only be used once in an HTML document, and should be placed within the <html> element, which is the root element of an HTML document.

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