If the website owner or web developer are going to choose to need users' data for security reason or other purposes. You are beginners to know when it comes to gathering information from users in PHP, there are two main types of forms that are commonly used

Difference between sticky forms and self processing forms in PHP

  1. sticky forms.
  2. self-processing forms.

Both forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, and every developer or website owner is important to understand the difference between them in order to choose the right form for your projects.

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1. sticky forms

A sticky form is a form that maintains the user's inputted data even if the form is submitted incorrectly. If the users forget to fill out any input text or select. It's should be a required field, the form will display an error message and still maintains the user's previously entered data. The forms are easily allowed to correct their error or mistake without having to re-enter all of their information. super easy to edit and correct the particular field and easily check the information before submitting. And this sticky form is used for long forms like applications or profile creation.

2. self-processing form

A self-processing form is a form that automatically processes the user's input without the need for a separate PHP script. This self-processing form is not like a sticky form, In case the user submits the form, the data is automatically sent to a specified email address or database. And this type of form is useful for simple tasks such as signup forms or contact forms. The main problem in the self-processing form is user's input does not need to be validated or (correct or not) it should be processed in any way.

This type of form is preferred also for security and sensitive forms like login forms, since the data is processed by the server, This kind of form are reducing the risk of malicious attacks.

Difference between sticky forms and self-processing forms

The main difference between these two forms sticky forms and self-processing forms is how they handle user input. sticky forms are easily allowed to correct the mistakes or errors without re-enter the data, while self-processing forms are automatically processed the user's input without the need to send it to a particular place like a database or email one more thing when they click submit button the input data are blank and you will enter all the details again.

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