what is domain and web hosting


A domain name is an address of your website that people search on the browser URL bar to make identify and visit your website. 
what is domain and web hosting


For Example:

Just Imagine your (website) = house on XYZ street and then your domain name will be its address. 

The Internet is huge networks and servers, your computers are all connected to each other in the global network by cables or signals.

Each computer are having to assign an IP address. and It is a complex number that identifies a particular computer on the internet. 
The Ip address Looks like this: 
For Example:

The Ip address is difficult to remember. Imagine if you are friends' names are in Ip addresses, you had to use this kind of number to call your friends and Know you understand how it difficult is?

so, the problem is solved by inventing the domain names. the domain name looks like a human-friendly name. 

Now the invented domain name after you want to visit a website, you don't need a ( IP address just instead you will enter the domain name to visit the particular website that will be easy to remember. 

Note: You need to know that the domain name of each website is unique and different and the name on your register.

For example:https://www.dailyaspirants.com

How domain works ? 


what is domain and web hosting

when we are entering the domain name on the browser bar URL the browser sends a request to a global network of servers from the domain name system (DNS)
Helps the specific website URL And it's directly connected to the website and this is the process of DNS lookup. After that, the domain forwards the request to the nameservers.

Here, the nameserver is used to translate the domain name into an Ip address, and nameservers are managed by the hosting company like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, and Bluehost.

They are all domain registrars. so hosting companies forward your request to the webservers where your website is stored.

Finally, the webservers are connected to each other and now fetch the webpage and transfer the information back to the browsers.

Types of Domain name:

Domain names are many different types and consist of separate dot extensions.

one of the most popular extensions is .com. so, the .com extension is the top-level domain.

The top-level domain(TLD) is the highest level extension and some other top-level domains are .org,.edu,.net, and .gov.

.com - commerical
.org - Organizations
.gov - government website
.net - network organization
.edu - education website

Some other Top-level domains are .club,.info,.biz,.fans,...etc and we don't recommend using them because this kind of domain extension is lesser known to the people and they can't identify them.

some other country code top-level domains (ccTLD) is country-specific domains that end with country code extension like .in,.ca,.de, and .cn.

This kind of extension website only targets specific country audiences.

Responsible for Domain Name System (DNS)?

The Domain Name System is under full control by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and manages the internet's core systems of unique identifiers. 

ICANN is a non-profit organization that creates and implements the policies for domain names. 
They are gives the permission to the companies to sell the domain names, domain name changes, manage the records and renewal and transfer the registrars to other domain name registrars like GoDaddy, hostinger ..etc.,

what is hosting? 

web hosting is the service that allows saving your files to publish on a website live on the internet.

Actually, web hosting is the server storage where all the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files and install latest technologies are the places of the location and store of your files also images and other types of files like pdf, doc, gif..etc.,

Now, you want to know about the way to think, if the domain name were the address of your web hosting key to open the door of your website, like a house.

All websites need Webhosting, to live on the internet.

If you have the blogger and if you have only the domain name. Google blogger is provided google web hosting for this service but you do not update the files as you like can't.

How web hosting works?


what is domain and web hosting

when someone types your article name or your domain name on the browser URL bar and the browser is connected to the internet and the browser changes the domain name and translated it into the Ip address and sends a request to your web hosting provider company computer.

And the web hosting company forward your request to the specific servers where your website is stored.

And the web hosting also called webserver and run has special software works like Windows or Linux which is used to perform all the security given to your website.

the webserver is the mediator between the internet and the website files on the internet and the best web server program are called Apache, Nginx, and windows.

A maximum number of developers know about the Apache provided software like Xampp, wamp, etc. and Apache is the best web server in my point of view.

And Basic of build a website you need this two services domain names and web hosting and however ,they works together the website is possible.

without domain names, the users can't find your website on the internet and without web hosting you can't build a website.

Types of Web Hosting:

web hosting are consist of 5 types and web hosting is rated with storage speed, bandwidth limit, speed performance, visitors are related to,.etc.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. WordPress hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting
  5. Cloud hosting

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is the most popular and affordable option for beginners and its available low price the web hosting provider companies are divided the server resources into multiple parts and allocated them for the shared hosting and provided them to the different site owners.

Shared hosting is an easy interface to use and auto WordPress install features are a lot and without coding technical knowledge can handle and easy to learn and decent performance speed.

VPS hosting:

VPS hosting is a separate partition on the server and the VPS hosting and shared hosting are similar but a little bit different in the partition. 

VPS hosting has specific memory allocated for each website. In case, the website, have a traffic surge the website is won't slow down the speed.

so, VPS hosting is better than shared hosting and more stable but it has a higher price and you will need some technical knowledge to handle the VPS hosting.

WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting is the same as like than another form of shared hosting which WordPress hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed.

WordPress hosting is a waste of money because the shared hosting is provided easy installation of WordPress free of cost with one click. and lot's of additional features. I don't recommend using WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting the main problem is cannot install program functions other than WordPress

Dedicate hosting:

Dedicated hosting is totally different from shared hosting and VPS hosting. The web hosting companies are provided their own private server use for your website.

Big companies are using the dedicated serves for their website to handle the users and are given the freedom to modify the server configuration according to your requirements. 
and you need to install software as you can on the server Huge cost and technical support and server management is a must handle the servers.

Cloud hosting:

your business website has a huge amount of traffic just you need cloud hosting and cloud hosting is the multiple web servers In case the server is down for technical issues it will automatically change to another server. Big companies provide cloud hosting Google, and Amazon.

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