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Instructions: Simply copy the following lines of code and insert them
"on the Google Search Console SiteMap directory For visible your website Links".


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What is a sitemap Generator?

The sitemap is very important for every webmaster's tool and it's created and submitted to the search engine to describe a website's sections and pages. 
A sitemap is an XML formatted and above sitemap generate or sitemap generator helps to ensure that the users and search engine bots and search engine bots are separate the article or pages is particular categories and to find the specific content of their location on the website.

Importance of Sitemap 

When the sitemap is submitted to the webmaster and the webmaster crawled our website period by the bots is unpredictable. And the period of time bots is crawling our pages or article are indexed by the search engines. 
once the sitemap is created and submitted the webmaster tool is updated automatically and the sitemap generator are speeding up your process and to be completed your work easily.

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Sitemap generator and SEO 

Every website owners are the dreams are our website exists in the search engine and found by the users and dreams to attain the highest ranking in SERPs.
The sitemap generator is creating, updating sitemaps will helps to ensure that your keywords are gain a higher ranking on your target keywords and performing also in SERPs. 
Above the sitemap generate you need to enter your country-specific domain you should enter the commercial main .com address for creating a sitemap generation.

After generating an example the conversion looks like this: 

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In the sitemap blogger up to 2000 links are converted and after that Posts are Google search console  Automatically Index your blogger Post and don't need to create the sitemap. 
And copy the sitemap and submit it into the google search console and the blogger you need to paste in the custom robots txt to user-agent allow and disallow and the sitemap.
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