What is SSL Certificate and Why it is Important for Websites


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What is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate means secure sockets layer  is a digital certificate that used to secure data transfers ,credit card transactions ,logins and other personal information are transfer by the authenticates and identity of a website, and encrypts sensitive information's and others cannot intercepted without intended recipients.

An SSL certificate is getting on every website now a days even on static website also . on some years before ecommerce website only get the SSL certificate because of secure transaction.

If you own a website or a blog in current year you will need, In recent years are SSL certificate is more important are needed for every website. SSL certificate are not much cost and when you want to install an SSL certificate its go through a validation process by the third party called certificate authority (CA). certificate authority (CA) is self signed identity of your own website. 

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Google Improve  Policy: 

secure ssl

Because In 2014 ,google made changes on own algorithm in order to security is a top priority for google and HTTPS- enabled websites is a show strong encryption by default and higher search engine rankings. That means visitors or people using to search and stay longer on websites something like this at start of their URL see the green or gray depend on your browser padlock from SSL certificate is because it keeps information and being transmitted b/w web browser and a web server is safe and especially important of sensitive information of customers or visitors . And then  beginning priorities secure https enable websites are  non-secure websites (http) in their search algorithms. 

When setting up your SSL certificate on Google Suggests the following Steps or tips:

- Decide are what kind of certificate you need: single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate

- Use 2048-bit key  with certificates 

- Use relative URLs for resources that reside on the same secure domain.

- Don't block your HTTPS site from crawling using robots.txt

- Allow indexing of your website pages by search engines where possible and Avoid the              noindex robots meta tag. 

Google improve the SSL Mandatory in 2018

lock ssl

In 2018 onwards, safer web browsing experience has google decided to flag the websites which do not have an SSL/TLS certificate installed on their website. If anyone fails with this rule and all the popular web browsers used to around the globe like chrome & Mozilla Firefox will punish them by giving a warning message 'Not secure' on the URL bar or getting blocked to load on their browsers or red warning message has given by the browsers 'Not secure website'

How are SSL works?

For example when the client type URL on browser like YouTube .The browser has send a request to the particular server and make a secure connection and CSR must also be created on the  server send a public and digital private key to browser and that browser check the certificate is valid and it valid means secure padlock is enable and then creates a pair of public and private keys(digital certificate) .The public key is used to encrypt the sensitive information and the private key used to decrypt the information and restore into original format so that it can be read.

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