How to Draw Minions Step by Step Drawing And Coloring For Kids

Hi guys, Today is my best day because I will drawing my favorites character little yellow creatures from "Despicable Me".

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury from Pexels

Despicable Me (2010) was a fresh air in the crowded feature animation film went on to be a massive success throughout the world.


  And The inevitable "Despicable Me 2" (2013) was an equally biggest hit from a financial point of view and storyline are so nice and forgettable moment still now. And the characters are Felonious  Gru, Vector, Agnes , Margo Gru, Dr.Nefario ,Edith , and Bob the Minion .The storyline a super-villain adopts three girls (Margo  ,Edith and Agnes) from an orphanage to try steal a shrink ray from vector the story are around this and the minions comedy are so favorite of many people because of characterized by their childlike behaviors and unique language, Kevin ,Stuart and bob are three of the most familiar minions who appears as a stars in the film name minions(2015) .

Just I am take a Minions character Make tutorial to drawing and colorful on video and the character as same as, I hope you like the drawing and support us to make a lot of Character waiting to draw . Please support us and share the link to watch the above video. 

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