Hello world in c#

hello world in csharp

In this tutorial, you will  see how to create a hello world program in C# visual studio . And then before we will something facts about Hello world.

  why is "hello world" famous for programmers?
                                                                    Every programmers are experiences in this word "Hello world". we don't know, why we are type the word in every program and development platform and there is a lesson plan that starts with creating a "hello world" .And an exercise that allows the creation which is used to check whether successful installed the compiler or not.

Incase, if u are a new programmer or installed a compiler and started the program called hello world and  you  get an error from the program . but you did it rightly, while  the problem will be in  compiler.

In my childhood days it was a most precious we don't know, when it is type on c language, and get compiler successful. we are king on the practical labs and we are teach our friend and getting ego and walk on front everybody and they think we are good knowledge  person but we know only us..

And after that am turn into programmer studying lot of articles and learn myself and recently I read the Forbes India magazine page they are put one article it was more surprised to me.

Dennis Ritchie, the man who created c programming language .


Q) why did you choose the word "hello world"?

Ans: In 1970's and 80's memory is dim .Now what I do remember is that I had seen a cartoon that showed an egg and a chick and the chicks was saying, "hello world". This is the secret of coming hello world.   

Take the following steps :−

-> Start Visual Studio.

-> On the menu bar, choose File -> New -> Project.

-> Choose Visual C# from templates, and then choose Windows.

-> Choose Console Application.

-> Specify a name for your project and click OK button. 

program :-

using System; 
namespace helloworld
    class program {         
        static void Main(string[] args)
            System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World...!");

hello world in csharp


you will run the program, the output will be:-

Hello World!

hello world in csharp

I hope that you must be feeling Learn something on this article. Please comment for any query. Keep visiting our website.

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